‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner comes clean about ‘lying’ on reality show

 ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner comes clean about ‘lying’ on reality show


Gerry Turner, aged 72, took center stage in the Bachelor spin-off on ABC last month, aiming to rediscover love.

Prior to the show, Gerry reportedly disclosed to The Golden Bachelor producers about his past live-in relationship with a woman 14 years his junior following the death of his wife.

The 72-year-old bachelor ultimately found love with Theresa Nist on ABC’s recent reality TV series, concluding last month.

However, a day before the finale aired, The Hollywood Reporter exposed Gerry Turner’s alleged falsehoods. A woman using the pseudonym Carolyn discredited Turner’s emotional tale of not dating since his wife Toni’s passing in 2017.

According to an insider speaking to Life&Style, the producers were aware of the impending revelation and alerted Gerry in advance. Subsequently, he candidly confessed everything to Theresa just before the finale. Her reaction was described as one of shock.

Gerry and Carolyn had initially met at work, dating for nearly a year before she moved into the lake house he had originally purchased with his late wife. The relationship soured, with Gerry reportedly making derogatory remarks about Carolyn’s weight and insisting she contribute financially to household expenses.

Acknowledging his deception, the insider revealed, “He did lie, and he regrets it.” However, they emphasized that Gerry has undergone significant personal growth during this ordeal and is eager to put the mistakes behind him, aiming to move forward.”

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