Katy Perry Will Marry Russell Brand In India

 Katy Perry Will Marry Russell Brand In India

katy-parry-will-marry-russell-brand-in-indiaRihanna has revealed that her best pal Katy Perry is getting married to Russell Brand in India.

The 22 year old music diva was asked if she is going to Katy’s wedding to which she replied, “I am going. It is in India. I am excited about that because I have never been there. I am just excited to see her get married:

Rihanna and Katy became good friends at an awards show, “From there, she just seemed to be a down-to-earth person. In the industry, you don’t meet a lot of people who are genuine and you can always tell when it is a face that they put on” said Rihanna.

Katy is just such a free spirit. She has no edit button at all.” She added.


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