Joey King reveals Gypsy Rose Blanchard reached out to her after prison release

 Joey King reveals Gypsy Rose Blanchard reached out to her after prison release


After her release from prison on December 28, 2023, Gypsy Rose Blanchard reached out to Joey King, the actress who played her in the 2019 miniseries “The Act,” which dramatized Blanchard’s tumultuous life story. King, known for her role in “The Kissing Booth,” shared this significant interaction during a recent episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast, where she discussed her complex feelings about portraying Blanchard, who is now 32 years old.

“The Act” is a series that explores Blanchard’s challenging life under the shadow of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. This psychological disorder, inflicted by her mother Dee Dee, involved crafting an elaborate and false medical history for Blanchard, convincing her from a young age that she was seriously ill, according to Us Weekly.

“Gypsy sent me a message recently,” Kind revealed, adding, “We didn’t have any contact when we were filming the show but since she’s been released, she reached out and we had a quick little exchange which was really nice.” “[It’s] someone’s real life. There’s a big responsibility there. It’s not like a biopic, and the person’s not alive anymore,” she admitted.

This deceit was a central theme in the series, depicting the intense control and abuse Blanchard endured, which ultimately led her to conspire in her mother’s murder. Blanchard was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her role in the crime but was released after serving eight.

Her story, fraught with psychological manipulation and tragic outcomes, presents a gripping narrative of survival against overwhelming odds. During her interview, King reflected on the initial process of stepping into such a complex role. She recounted her audition, highlighting the immense sense of duty she felt to authentically portray Blanchard’s harrowing experiences.

King discussed the challenges of embodying Blanchard, emphasizing her commitment to bringing depth and sensitivity to the portrayal. King’s reflection on the podcast wasn’t just about her acting experience but also touched on the broader implications of Blanchard’s life story. She delved into the ethical considerations of depicting real-life trauma in entertainment, acknowledging the responsibility that comes with reenacting someone’s personal and painful experiences for a public audience.

The conversation also provided insight into Blanchard’s current perspective, as revealed by her reaching out to King. This contact signifies Blanchard’s engagement with the portrayals of her life and suggests a desire to connect with those who have helped narrate her story to the world. It highlights an ongoing dialogue about the interpretation of her life events and the impact of her story on those who tell it and those who hear it.

King’s candid discussion on the “Armchair Expert” podcast sheds light on the delicate balance between storytelling and respect for the real-life figures involved, especially in cases as sensitive and complex as Blanchard’s. This conversation underscores the deep connections that can form between biographical subjects and the actors who portray them and the profound impact that storytelling can have on all involved.

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